The application process was open to SPOs from across Canada (with the exception of Quebec). Starting January 2019, LIFT will work with the selected 10 SPOs for up to 27 months to expand their reach, impact and organizational effectiveness to ensure newcomers to Canada experience improved social well-being and economic outcomes.

SPOs were selected based on meeting the below eligibility criteria.

  1. Organization is currently serving newcomers.
  2. Organization has the opportunity to affect meaningful change in the newcomer experience.
  3. Organization can demonstrate impact in one or more of the following ways:
    • Increased language capabilities in French or English
    • Increased employment outcomes
    • Improved community connections and sense of belonging
    • Reduced isolation and dependence on government assistance
  4. Annual revenue of organization meets a minimum of $750,000 and comes from more than one source.
  5. Organization is committed to increasing capacity and improving organizational performance.
  6. Organization is ready to scale or grow in order to support more newcomers to Canada.
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