Mary Jane Moreau


As a Grade 5 & 6 teacher at a private school in Toronto, I have been using the JUMP Math approach and materials for four years and have been seeing increasingly amazing results. Recently, every child in my Grade 6 class, who also used JUMP Math in Grade 5, scored between the 91st and 99th percentile on the American Test of Mathematical Ability (TOMA). Results on the Canadian Test of Basic Skills (CTBS) were similarly striking, with over half the class above the 95th percentile. On unit tests, this entire class scores consistently over 85%. Test scores only tell one small part of the story, however. These children love math! They are open and excited about math lessons, readily participate and consistently use the language of conjecture and theory when offering math solutions. Because all students are excelling in math, I am able to move more quickly through units than I could before using the JUMP Math approach. The bell curve has been eliminated, so all students are able to engage concepts at a high level. This is a benefit to all the students, especially those who used to score at both extremes of the ability spectrum.

Courtesy of: JUMP Math

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