Erin Meetoos


When Erin Meetoos first walked through the doors of Women Building Futures (WBF), she’d pretty much made up her mind as to what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. “I was planning on pursuing a career in carpentry but I had no idea of the options that were available, so I enrolled in the Journeywoman Start program. The hands-on part was really educational because I got to learn a little bit about everything.” She explained.

Today Meetoos, who also completed NAIT’s Multi-Media program and recently applied for the school’s Business Management Program, is a multi-talented journeyman welder with a good job and a future full of promise. “I’ve been working for MetalBoss Technologies in Edmonton for more than a year. Pursuing a career in the trades is the best thing I’ve ever done and I would highly recommend it to every woman seeking a new challenge.”

“My dreams are being realized and my future is more secure each day,” she smiled. “I’ll always be thankful to those who helped me achieve my goals, those like Totem Welding who accepted me near the end of my WBF training and enabled me to complete my two-week practicum, my family and my current employer, who provides ongoing incentive, encouragement and opportunity.”

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