Women Building Futures

Women Building Futures (WBF) aims to help any woman, anywhere who is interested in a career in construction and heavy equipment operation. Based in Alberta, WBF connects women with apprenticeship and employment opportunities, providing recruitment, assessment, training, job placement and job retention support. Through this work, it inspires economic prosperity for women and is forever transforming the face of industry in Canada.


WBF aims to make its programs available to any woman who wants to enter a career in construction or heavy equipment operation, and to significantly increase the number of women completing construction-related apprenticeships. In doing so, WBF will ensure economic prosperity for women, contribute to labour stability for employers, and transform the face of industry in Canada.

Over the next five years, WBF aims to attract 6,600 women aged 20-44 to its program, increasing the number of first-year female apprentices in the construction trades by 300%.

Our three-year LIFT plan will support WBF to address the need for skilled workers by:
  • Enhancing its business model and diversifying funding sources
  • Building organizational capacity and expanding outreach
  • Improving communications practices to share organizational successes
As part of the LIFT plan, we’re working with WBF to:
  • Develop a business model that clearly defines and integrates both existing and new programs and services
  • Identify alternative sources of funding to support targeted growth 
  • Ensure capacity to enhance WBF’s financial and organizational sustainability and enable the organization to increase its scale
  • Provide internal and external communications to support change management and increase awareness of WBF’s programs and services 


(as of December 2014)

Total Investment $563,362



We thank the following partners for their support in executing the LIFT Plan:

WBF’s impact in 2013:


Of training partcipants graduated


Of graduates were aboriginal


Of graduates were employed within six months


A woman's average increase in hourly wages after completion of pre-apprecticeship program


More women connected with WBF than in 2012

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