Skylark Children, Youth and Families

Partner since: March 2017

“During the merger process, LIFT’s work allowed a new Board and a new management group to focus their energy to specific goals such as measurement framework, leadership, fund development and social enterprise.”
Lydia Sai-Chew, CEO

Through collaboration, Skylark wants to build social, emotional and developmental capacity for children, youth and families with complex mental health and/or developmental needs. This will allow them to enhance their well-being, resilience and capabilities to reach there full potential. Skylark is a recent merger between two agencies in Toronto, Oolagen Youth Mental Health and Delisle Youth Services. Skylark offers a diverse range of programs and services, including: walk-in services, residential programs and centralized access to residential services, wraparound services, on-going counselling services, and specialized support for those with multiple, complex special needs.


Support Skylark’s transition into a fully integrated agency and increase its social impact.


Strengthen its leadership in the sector and build social enterprise initiatives to sustain and increase social impact.


  • Supported the recruitment process to hire a senior leader to amplify growth
  • Developed growth strategy underpinned by a new performance measurement system
  • Navigated Skylark through change management process and succession planning
  • Defined fundraising responsibilities of the Board, based on best practices
  • Alignment and combined capacity has attracted more funding and resources – annual fundraising revenues increased 55%
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