Neil Squire Society

Partner since: March 2017

“Although we are still relatively early in the stage with LIFT, it is already clear their engagement and intervention with us have significantly improved our growth trajectory, particularly as it relates to critical capacity issues.”
Gary Birch, Executive Director

The Neil Squire Society (NSS) helps Canadians with disabilities remove barriers so they can live independent lives and become active members of the workplace and our society. NSS empowers clients through the use of computer-based assistive technologies, research and development, and various employment programs. With support from Google, NSS recently developed LipSync, a mouth-controlled input device to enable people with little or no hand movement to operate a touchscreen device. With the help of many students, engineers, and volunteers, 320 LipSyncs were built in 2017.


Make the world of technology more accessible for people with disabilities by expanding the reach, impact and effectiveness of NSS.


Support fund development capacity and implementation, strengthen national brand awareness, and enhance both the organization’s social enterprise and performance measurement framework.


  • Developing a scale-up plan: Identified priority need areas to support future growth through a full organizational review across all locations. Recommendations provide a very clear path to scaling up its social enterprise
  • Building capacity: defined role and co-led recruitment of new Director of Development to create and manage long-term donor strategy and allow senior leadership to work on new transformational partnerships
  • Grow IT capacity: comprehensive review of NSS’s overall IT systems across its five locations. With LIFT support, recommendations were implemented to optimize IT performance for current operations and prepare for future growth
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