Immigrant Access Fund

The Immigrant Access Fund (IAF) supports newcomers who arrive in Canada equipped with excellent professional skills and knowledge, but face significant barriers to employment. IAF’s vision is that immigrants and refugees are equitably integrated into the workplace and contributing their expertise to Canada’s economic and social success. To do this, IAF provides character-based micro loans of up to $10,000 to internationally trained immigrants through a community-based program funded by both private and public sectors. These loans can pay for exams, training, qualification assessments, professional fees, books and course materials, living allowances and other expenses related to obtaining the Canadian licensing or training they need.

Lift Plan

LIFT and IAF have partnered to support IAF’s efforts to significantly increase the availability of its character-based micro loans to more immigrants and refugees in need across Canada. To do this, LIFT will provide strategic supports over the next two years to build additional organizational capacity, review the program model and support enhancements for growth, identify additional opportunities to diversify IAF’s funding strategy, develop a strategic marketing and communications strategy, and improve performance measurement.

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