Groupe Convex

Partner since: July 2017

“We have a level of engagement with LIFT that is completely different from what we have previously experienced. There is a genuine interest in helping our organization succeed not just in delivering products or services, but in accompanying us on our important journey.”
Caroline Arcand, Executive Director

Groupe Convex generates meaningful jobs through business projects for residents who face employment challenges. It employs close to 150 individuals with a range of skills and employment challenges. These individuals work for eight social enterprises that Convex manages. Because Convex has a noble mission and quality products and services, many clients do business with Convex.


Improve inclusion by growing the impact of existing social enterprises and expanding service from people with intellectual disabilities to youth, newcomers and individuals with mental health issues.


Focus on strategic planning, revenue diversification, social enterprise business planning, and human resource capacity and succession planning. Develop a more effective measurement framework.


  • Pivot and grow the business model into a community economic development engine
  • Built engagement: facilitated discussions to help leadership and management teams to examine their role and impact, identify areas to build upon and re-imagine capacity
  • Created buy-in: empowered leadership team to embrace the change management process
  • Convex is now aligned and ready for new partnerships and increased funding to achieve more scale.
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