Food Matters Manitoba

Partner since: September 2015

“With such a diverse board memebership, and little historical strategic planning, we would not have been able to get to where we are now without LIFT’s assistance and guidance.”
Jim Slater, Board member, Food Matters Manitoba and Chief Operating Officer & Provincial Lead Health Support Services, Shared Health

Food Matters Manitoba (FMM) is working to ensure all Manitobans are getting the good food they need. FMM works with northerners, Indigenous people, newcomers, farmers and families in Manitoba to harvest, prepare and share food. FMM partners with people and communities to increase access to good food; providing food skills education that incorporates Indigenous culture, tradition, and nutrition; and championing a better food system through food policy work and community engagement. Its 35 food-related projects include working with Manitobans to grow community gardens, build greenhouses, facilitate youth cooking classes, and other activities to address local food needs.


More access to good food. Grow and improve FMM’s sustainability across four key areas: programs and services, communications, capacity building and revenue diversification.


Develop a strategic plan that includes an impact measurement framework to ensure its programs are aligned with overall strategy, and that FMM clearly articulates its social outcomes.


  • Developed and implemented a new strategic plan, focused on future growth
  • Supported the recruitment and selection of a new executive director, who has overseen an acceleration of the strategy’s implementation.
  • Strengthened board governance practices and assisted with board renewal

Integrated measurement tools and processes to increase the effectiveness and impact of FMM’s programs, ensuring alignment with strategic priorities.

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