Community Living Parry Sound

Partner since: March 2017

“LIFT has facilitated a better understanding of how we can increase our social impact by teaching and doing the work with us. Together, we have transformed our social enterprise into a business model for others to follow provincially.”
Jo-Anne Demick, Executive Director

Community Living Parry Sound (CLPS) works to ensure people with developmental disabilities can live in their community under conditions that encourage personal growth and promote participation as valued and contributing citizens. CLPS helps build better lives in its community through partnerships, innovation and education. With changes to non-profit funding, CLPS must transform how services are delivered to people and their families.


Help CLPS serve more people at a much deeper level to strengthen social inclusion. Provide support as CLPS advances its Community First Philosophy; adopting a personalized approach to help more people with disabilities build satisfying lives in their community.


Develop strategy and structure to create efficiencies as CLPS moves their model from grant-funding to fee-for-service and transition to a customized service that responds to the needs and circumstances of each person.


  • Focus on person-directed planning processes and tools customized to individual needs to achieve stronger impact in the lives of people with developmental disabilities and their families
  • Using fewer resources, refine service portfolio and streamline core activities to deepen impact with new and existing people receiving services
  • Better leverage community supports allowing people to have more holistic options to live the life they want
  • Strengthen capacity through stronger systems to measure operational and social impact, and strategies for organizational leadership development and succession planning
  • Change management support to ensure CLPS is set up for success during and post transition to a personalized approach
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