Non-profits work together to grow Indigenous and corporate partnerships in Canada

Saskatoon, SK (June 19, 2015): LIFT Philanthropy Partners is pleased to announce its partnership with the Aboriginal Human Resource Council to improve how Canadian companies engage with Indigenous people, businesses and communities.

The Aboriginal Human Resource Council (AHRC) prepares companies to build partnerships with First Nations, Métis and Inuit Peoples in Canada by helping them improve workplace inclusion. AHRC focuses on improving workplace performance in numerous areas, including leadership, human resources, procurement, communications, and corporate social responsibility. Since 1998, AHRC has worked with more than 1,000 companies, providing consulting services, training and products to help them achieve new standards in Indigenous workplace inclusion.

Over the next 18 months, LIFT will provide hands-on management support to help AHRC grow its consulting services. LIFT will also engage its national partner network to provide pro bono expertise to further support AHRC’s growth and improve its service delivery for clients. LIFT’s investment will help AHRC support Canadian companies to advance workplace inclusion, and improve their ability to partner with the Indigenous community.

“The Aboriginal Human Resource Council is an ideal fit for LIFT’s focus of working with organizations that reduce barriers to employment for Canadians. We believe AHRC provides an essential contribution to Canada’s economy by improving employment and procurement opportunities for Indigenous people and communities.”
– Bruce Dewar, President and Chief Executive Officer, LIFT Philanthropy Partners

“We are very pleased to access the expertise of LIFT to make refinements to our services. The result will improve our ability to help companies foster engagements that grow social and economic benefit for the Indigenous community, businesses and Canada through ROI — return on inclusion, investment and integrity.”
– Kelly J. Lendsay, President and Chief Executive Officer, Aboriginal Human Resource Council


About Aboriginal Human Resource Council
AHRC was founded as a non-profit national organization in 1998 as a recommendation from the Report on the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. Today, it is an ISO 9000 certified (quality management system) national social enterprise that provides expertise in Indigenous workplace inclusion by collaborating with companies to help them improve strategies and practices that support engagements with Indigenous people, businesses and communities.

About LIFT Philanthropy Partners
LIFT is a non-profit organization that believes vulnerable and at-risk Canadians deserve access to the tools and opportunities they need to thrive in society. LIFT invests in non-profit, social enterprises and other organizations with proven results addressing health, education, skills development and employment in Canada. Through hands-on management and pro bono contributions from its national network of leading experts and businesses, LIFT supports social purpose organizations to improve their operations, accountability and measurement practices, so they can deliver meaningful, lasting impact in Canada.

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