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Vancouver, B.C. (February 11, 2011): LIFT Philanthropy Partners, a venture philanthropy organization that evolved from 2010 Legacies Now, wants you to join our community, engage and share. As an organization with over a decade of experience creating and supporting lasting social impact, we want to keep an open dialogue, learn more, and share our experiences of working to benefit organizations and communities in Canada.

In our new investment model, we accelerate the growth and impact of selected not-for-profit organizations to create positive and lasting social change through sport and healthy living, and literacy and lifelong learning. We aim to enhance social well-being and economic prosperity in communities across Canada.

We will do this by using a venture philanthropy model that applies the concepts of venture capital finance and business management for the purpose of philanthropy. But we can’t do it alone – partnerships and collaboration are at the heart of our process and our culture. Through social media, we aim to engage our partners, share information and knowledge, build relationships, and lift the potential of organizations and people to new heights.

As a new player in the field of venture philanthropy, we will engage networks of experts and thought leaders to build on our experience and expertise to advance positive and lasting social change. We hope you will be part of that network.

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