16 Nov

How to create and share your Theory of Change

How to develop and share a Theory of Change to demonstrate your organization’s impact.

10 Nov

Poll results: donor dollars and social change

See the poll results from the past three weeks.

22 Oct

Trends in social sector measurement and evaluation

Social Impact Director Gordon Goldschleger shares key trends in measurement and evaluation from the ONN conference.

19 Oct

Poll results: Why do you give?

See the results on our first three polls.

7 Oct

Three strategies for donor recognition

Three simple tips for social purpose organizations to consider when their recognizing donors.

1 Oct

What motivates you to give?

When donating to a cause, are you more motivated by passion for the cause or making progress on an issue?

21 Sep

Let’s live long AND prosper

Robert Thirsk shares his thoughts on the importance of regular physical activity and good health.

14 Sep

Scale the impact of the non-profit sector, yes. But how?

Annette Verschuren shares her thoughts on how we can support Canada’s over-stretched, under-resourced social purpose sector to be more efficient and impactful.

2 Sep

Our goal? Sustainable and gainful employment for Canadians

Kathy Abusow shares her thoughts on improving employment opportunities and why she joined LIFT’s National Leadership Council.

27 Aug

Annette Verschuren talks venture philanthropy

Annette Verschuren appeared on CBC’s The Exchange with Amanda Lang where she shared her thoughts on venture philanthropy.

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