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18 Jul

Canadian children continue to benefit from 2010 Olympic legacies

LIFT Philanthropy Partners announces a new venture philanthropy investment to expand KidSport Canada to support more Canadian children to be active and participate in sport.

16 May

Online competition aims to build stronger BC communities

BC Ideas is an online competition, which seeks innovative solutions for social change.

26 Apr

At-risk youth in BC first to benefit from new social investment model

LIFT announces a three-year venture philanthropy investment to expand Take a Hike Youth at Risk Foundation to reach more at-risk youth across Canada.

25 Nov

LIFT partners on social innovation collaborative competition

LIFT partners to offer a collaborative competition for social innovation in BC.

17 May

2010 Winter Games legacies continue to produce lasting benefits for Canada

IOC legacy study highlights 2010 Legacies Now transition to LIFT.

22 Mar

LIFT releases a new video

LIFT’s new descriptor video is available at

11 Feb

LIFT Philanthropy Partners is on Twitter and Facebook

LIFT wants you to join our community, engage and share.

11 Feb

2010 Winter Games continue to inspire new legacies with launch of Lift Philanthropy Partners

On the eve of the one-year anniversary of the 2010 Winter Games, LIFT unveils an innovative approach to philanthropy.

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