Our Partners


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Working together with a social purpose organization, we first develop and implement a strategic LIFT plan that focuses on increasing accountability, establishing performance metrics, and improving capacity to deliver social impact. Collaboration is at the heart of our multidisciplinary process.

LIFT has an extensive national partner network of leading businesses, service providers and other experts that offer pro bono services. Our network provides essential help with financial and strategic planning, technical support, research, evaluation, governance and other resources. Together, we have a collective passion for supporting positive and lasting social change.

LIFT partner network

We are:

  • Collaborative Partners: Organizations working in the social investment or venture philanthropy fields that share information and best practices, identify social purpose organizations, and collaborate to strengthen Canada’s social sector
  • Expert Contributors: Individuals who contribute their knowledge, skills and expertise to LIFT and our partner social purpose organizations
  • Professional Service Providers: Companies that contribute services to LIFT and our partner social purpose organizations, such as accounting, legal, public relations, management consultancy or design services
  • Investors: Corporations, foundations, governments or individuals who contribute financial investments, or a combination of financial and value-in-kind investments, to LIFT
  • Research and Evaluation Partners: Research, educational and other organizations that work with LIFT to evaluate our impact and that of our partner social purpose organizations through quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Social Purpose Organization Alumni: Organizations that have implemented their LIFT plans, and provide knowledge and guidance to other social purpose organizations working with LIFT
  • Leaders and Advisers: Individuals who supports LIFT’s venture philanthropy approach, and provide advice or guidance to LIFT

Read more about our supporters: the people, corporations and organizations that are part of our partner network.