Our Model


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LIFT is setting a new standard in philanthropic investment in Canada by introducing an innovative approach that applies a business mindset to the social sector. Leveraging concepts of venture philanthropy learned from internationally recognized organizations from around the world, LIFT supports social purpose organizations to become more sustainable and effective at delivering measurable social impact.

We leverage financial investments with the value-added expertise of our partner network and LIFT team to help social purpose organizations reach a new level of achievement through brand recognition, integrity and longevity. Our hands-on approach to improving organizational capacity and growth is an effective method for delivering greater social impact.

Our LIFT model is unique in that we invest in social change by selectively allocating our resources, expertise and money to social purpose organizations with unrealized growth potential that can affect meaningful, measurable and scalable outcomes.

Highly engaged relationships

  • We provide hands-on management support to a small number of social purpose organizations over a defined period of time.
  • We collaborate with the social purpose organizations to develop and implement a strategic LIFT plan to increase accountability, sustainability and effectiveness.

Strategic funding

  • We focus on the core operations of the social purpose organizations to improve their sustainability and operations.
  • We focus on building capacity to achieve scalable and measurable growth in social impact.

Partner network

  • We engage an extensive national partner network of businesses, service providers and other professionals that provide pro bono expertise to meet the specific needs of the social purpose organizations.
  • We leverage financial investments with the value-added expertise of our LIFT team and partner network to deliver measurable social impact.

Measurement and accountability

  • We work with the social purpose organizations to establish benchmarks, performance metrics and evaluation processes.
  • We emphasize financial accountability and provide regular reporting to our investors.