Smart Investing


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LIFT focuses on results-based investments that create measurable social impact to improve the health and productivity of Canadians and their communities. We leverage financial investments from individuals, corporations, foundations and governments with the value-added expertise of our partner network and LIFT team to lift organizations to a new level of achievement.

LIFT multiplies the effectiveness of dollars invested and ensures the social return on investments continue to increase over time. This form of smart investing resonates with our investors as we improve the long-term sustainability and effectiveness of social purpose organizations.

Evaluation and Due Diligence

  • We conduct comprehensive evaluation to select social purpose organizations with proven success delivering relevant measurable social impact
  • We closely monitor our investments to ensure accountability and diligence throughout the defined period

Strategic LIFT Plan

  • We partner with social purpose organizations to develop and implement a strategic LIFT plan to strengthen operations and improve sustainability
  • Our LIFT plans are developed to achieve scalable growth and sustainable social impact

Measurement and Accountability

  • We provide transparent reporting on benchmarks, progress and performance of our not-for-profit investments
  • We help social purpose organizations improve their measurement and evaluation processes to increase accountability

Partner Network

  • We leverage financial investments with the value-added expertise of our partner network and LIFT team to multiply the impact of each dollar invested
  • Our partner network provides essential skills and resources to the social purpose organizations at pro bono and reduced rates

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • We provide opportunities for investors to be involved directly in the growth of social purpose organizations through employee engagement and community outreach
  • Our investors experience the direct impact their dollars have on Canadians and their communities

When evaluating success, we look beyond the measurement of generated profits and dividends paid to the meaningful impact that is created in communities across Canada. We want to transform the lives of individuals through increased access to opportunities that benefit them and their livelihood, in turn contributing to the creation of a more engaged, productive and healthy society.