How to Invest


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LIFT offers several options for individuals, corporations, foundations and governments to support our mission to improve the sustainability and effectiveness of social purpose organizations in Canada. Our unique philanthropic model leverages financial investments with the value-added expertise of our partner network and LIFT team to deliver greater value to the social purpose organizations, so they can improve the health and productivity of Canadians and their communities.

Investment Opportunities

LIFT investors can direct their contributions to three areas:

  • Greatest Need: Unrestricted funds are directed to support strategic projects as identified by LIFT
  • Skills Development, Education and Employment: Funds will support literacy and skills development that contribute to employability
  • Health, Sport and Physical Activity: Funds will support social impact through sport, physical activity and healthy living

Types of Investments

LIFT investors have several methods for supporting our mission:

  • Direct Financial Investments: Cash contributions
  • Gifts of Securities: Publicly traded securities, such as shares, bonds or mutual funds
  • Gifts In-Kind: Contributions other than cash or marketable securities, such as equipment, real estate, and other resources
  • Pro Bono Services: Expertise and professional services provided through our partner network

Financial Statements

June 30, 2012: Consolidated Financial Statements

June 30, 2013: Consolidated Financial Statements

December 31, 2013: Consolidated Financial Statements

For more information on investing with LIFT, please contact