Three strategies for donor recognition

Author: Carla Cappuccitti

This week’s online poll asks what donors value most when giving to an organization. Is it recognition, results, or fulfilling a sense of responsibility?

If you are a social purpose organization, it’s important to understand that each donor will give for a different reason. It is your responsibility, as an organization, to understand what motivates your donors to give, and effectively communicate with them in a way they will value.

Here are three simple strategies for recognizing your donors’ contributions to your mission:

1. Thank them: Ensure your donors understand how much you value their contributions. This is the first opportunity you have to recognize your donors’ generosity and to nurture your relationship with them. Be sure to thank them personally and promptly for their support.

2. Recognize them: Show your donors they are in great company. Recognize them in print, online and wherever else is appropriate. If you have the capacity, go beyond simple name and logo recognition to engage your donors in a more meaningful way, such as invitations to special events or opportunities to see their donation dollars in action.

3. Tell the story: Help your donors understand the impact their contributions have, in both hard numbers and heart-warming stories. Ask what motivates them to support your organization, and tailor your communications accordingly.

These tips will help to nurture your relationship with your donors and, hopefully, keep them giving year after year.

What do you value most when giving to an organization? You can answer this week’s poll here.


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