Q+A with Sandy Slator

Posted by Nicole Mezzarobba Ford

Here is a short Q+A from our newest board director, Sandy Slator.

What excites you about being on the Board of Directors of LIFT?
I believe that LIFT is greatly assisting in bringing about a new set of disciplines to the social purpose organizations and the not-for-profit sector.The rigor and business disciplines that LIFT encourages will help these organizations excel and be the best they can possibly be at what it is they do.If LIFT is successful, the social purpose organizations with which we are involved will be more likely to attract broader financial support from potential contributors.

What do you see LIFT accomplishing over the next five years?
Apart from having a greater number of social purpose organizations with which LIFT is involved, I see LIFT bringing a new understanding to the not-for-profit sector. Many SPOs do have the appropriate business disciplines necessary to be sustainable, but many more do not.I see LIFT, over time, bringing this message to the not-for-profit sector, and more SPOs adopting this rigor and necessary discipline.

Where do you think LIFT can have the most impact in improving social and economic outcomes in Canada?
If LIFT can be a significant catalyst in bringing about greater efficiency and effectiveness in the social purpose organizations and not-for-profit sector, and thereby contributing to these organizations sustainability and greater contribution to the causes they serve, then LIFT will have a tremendous impact on the social and economic outcomes in Canada.

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