Poll results: donor dollars and social change

Author: Nicole Mezzarobba Ford

Over the past three weeks, our online polls focused on gaining insight into how donor dollars should be spent. We also asked which sector – non-profit, private or government – should lead social change, and which sector should be accountable for delivering social change. Here are the results from those questions.

Question 4: Many people who responded place greater importance on effective spending, rather than efficient spending. The majority of respondents, however, believe non-profits and charities should strike a balance of both efficient and effective spending.



Question 5: Most respondents believe organizations and donors should collaborate to determine how donation dollars are allocated. A smaller proportion of respondents place their trust in the charities and non-profits to deem how to best spend the donations.


Question 6 had two parts: we asked which sector should lead social change, as compared to which sector should be accountable for social change. The vast majority of respondents trust charities, non-profits and other social purpose organizations to lead social change. However, a large proportion of respondents believe government should be accountable for delivering social change.


See the results from the first three polls: Why do you give? Then, take this week’s poll on literacy levels in Canada, and see how we’re helping JUMP Math improve math literacy in Canada.

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