Organizations working in the social investment and venture philanthropy fields, which collaborate with LIFT to share information and best practices, identify social purpose organizations, and strengthen the social  sector

Individuals who are experts in their fields and contribute their knowledge, skills and expertise to LIFT or a social purpose organization; these partners offer their services at a pro bono or reduced rate

Corporation, foundation, government or person that provides LIFT with a financial investment, or a combination of financial and value-in-kind investments

Groups or individuals who support LIFT’s model, and provide advice or guidance to LIFT

Comprehensive plan, created in collaboration by LIFT and a not-for-profit organization, that describes objectives, strategies, outcomes and measurements to improve the sustainability and effectiveness impact of the social purpose organization


Investment model LIFT employs to improve the sustainability and effectiveness of social purpose organizations; incorporates concepts of venture philanthropy; LIFT provides skills, resources and expertise, along with contributions from LIFT’s partner network, to strengthen the social purpose organization

Investment area that focuses on social purpose organizations offering programs and projects targeting literacy, education outcomes, skills development, employability and productivity

A group of social purpose organizations that has completed the LIFT process, and provides knowledge and guidance to other not-for-profit organizations working with LIFT

Integral component of the LIFT model, which is comprised of people and organizations that contribute to LIFT and its work with a social purpose organization, including: social purpose organization alumni; leaders and advisers; investors; expert contributors; collaborative partners; and professional service providers

Companies that contribute services to LIFT or a social purpose organization, often at pro bono or reduced rates, such as accounting, legal, public relations, management consultancy or design services

Research, educational and other organizations that work with LIFT to evaluate its impact and that of a social purpose organization through quantitative and qualitative methods

Investment area that focuses on social purpose organizations offering health, sport and physical activity programs and projects to promote sport participation, improve healthy living, and address chronic diseases


Social investment concept, which applies the concepts and techniques from venture capital finance and business management to philanthropic investments, to provide social purpose organizations with skills, resources and expertise to improve their sustainability and increase their impact

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