Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about LIFT. Please contact us if you would like further information.

LIFT strengthens social purpose organizations, such as not-for-profits, social enterprises and others, to make them sustainable and more effective at delivering measurable social impact in Canada. We focus on organizations that have a direct and positive effect on the health and productivity of Canadians and their communities.

The LIFT model incorporates the concepts of venture philanthropy, which provides a valuable combination of skills, expertise and resources to social purpose organizations to improve their capacity to deliver greater social impact. Venture philanthropy applies the concepts of venture capital finance and business management to philanthropic investments.

Traditional granting agencies often offer funding on a one-time or short-term basis, whereas LIFT provides social purpose organizations with an effective combination of value-added contributions over three years to improve their operations, impact and sustainability. We work with social purpose organizations to develop and implement a strategic LIFT plan to improve accountability, establish performance metrics, and increase capacity to deliver social impact. We also engage a partner network of leading businesses, service providers and other experts that provide pro bono services to strengthen the social purpose organizations.

LIFT evolved from 2010 Legacies Now, a not-for-profit organization that leveraged the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games to create social legacies in British Columbia. We built on that experience to develop our LIFT model to create significant social impact in Canada.

LIFT partners with social purpose organizations that improve the health and productivity of Canadians by investing in the areas of health, skills development, education and employment.


Our LIFT model is based on successful and impactful social investment models worldwide. These international venture philanthropy organizations have changed the way businesses, governments and individuals invest in social change, and we adapted their best practices for delivery in the Canadian market.

LIFT evaluates social purpose organizations against a number of selection criteria, including their proven success delivering social impact, potential for growth, and openness to evolving their operations, among other things.

LIFT attracts investments from corporations, foundations, individuals and governments to support our mission to improve the sustainability and effectiveness of social purpose organizations in Canada. These investors are committed to social responsibility and passionate about their philanthropic investments creating measurable social impact to benefit communities across Canada.

LIFT leverages financial investments with the value-added expertise of our LIFT team and pro bono partner network to strengthen social purpose organizations’ ability to deliver social impact. We multiply the effectiveness of dollars invested to ensure the social return on investments continue to increase over time.

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