2010 Winter Games continue to inspire new legacies with launch of Lift Philanthropy Partners


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Venture philanthropy organization LIFT sets its sights on creating positive, measurable social change

Vancouver, B.C. (February 11, 2011): On the eve of the one-year anniversary of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, LIFT Philanthropy Partners unveils an innovative approach to philanthropy that focuses on advancing the impact, accountability and effectiveness of not-for-profit organizations in Canada.

Formerly known as 2010 Legacies Now, LIFT is an evolution of the internationally-recognized organization that successfully leveraged the 2010 Winter Games to create lasting social change in communities throughout British Columbia. This new name embraces a more specialized approach as LIFT emerges as a venture philanthropy organization.

Steeped in a successful history with the 2010 Winter Games and considered a best practice by the International Olympic Committee, LIFT brings an innovative approach to investing in not-for-profit organizations in Canada. Its venture philanthropy model applies the concepts of venture capital finance and business management to its philanthropic investments.

“LIFT recognizes that not-for-profit organizations require support beyond funding to be effective, efficient and impactful,” said Bruce Dewar, CEO of LIFT Philanthropy Partners. “We work closely with these organizations to develop growth strategies, secure funding, and enhance their outreach and impact.”

LIFT invests in not-for-profit organizations with an established record of success in the areas of sport and healthy living, and literacy and lifelong learning. LIFT works with the organizations for three to five years, providing funding, expertise, and networks of experts to address the specific needs of the organizations.

“We believe many of the societal challenges facing our country today are related to health and literacy. We believe smart, strategic investments in these areas can have positive and lasting results,” explained Dewar. “Our highly-engaged investment model is built on a decade of success leveraging the 2010 Winter Games to create and support measurable social change.”

LIFT will attract investments from corporations, individual donors, foundations and governments, and will magnify their investments through the value-added services it provides the not-for-profit organizations. LIFT employs a staged investment process, infused with measurement, reporting and accountability throughout, which enables greater return on its donors’ investments.

Visit liftpartners.ca for more information about LIFT Philanthropy Partners.


About LIFT Philanthropy Partners
LIFT Philanthropy Partners is a venture philanthropy organization that accelerates the growth and impact of not-for-profit organizations to create measurable social change, in the areas of sport and healthy living, literacy and lifelong learning. LIFT selects not-for-profit organizations with an established record of success and provides them with business planning and management support to develop growth strategies, improve effectiveness, and enhance performance. Through its investments, LIFT aims to contribute to the social well-being and economic prosperity of communities in Canada. Visit liftpartners.ca for more information.

Media Contact:

Nicole Mezzarobba
Manager, Corporate Response
LIFT Philanthropy Partners

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